Production, a key element



Production enables the prototype to become a finished product, ready for mass manufacture.
This stage requires a high level of knowledge, not only of market and client expectations, but also of the constraints of materials, component security, and industrial production processes.
Requirements analysis, technical specifications, patents, costs, regulations… Thanks to a targeted knowledge of the entire chain of production industrial and consumer products, the i&D design agency and R&D centre is global contact.


I&D meets suppliers, and finds components mostly appropriate to your expectations without ever compromising on quality. i&D shows stringency during all stages of the production process.

We manage the entire product chain up to the point that digital files are delivered to worldwide production sites.

Our R&D centre:

-  Researches and manages suppliers
-  Finds components
-  Estimates costs
-  Negotiates terms and purchase price
-  Draws up parts lists and cost prices
-  Produces components and products
-  Provides quality product specifications
-  Ensures that all participants respect project confidentiality

Our team of designers and engineers based in France, nearby Lyon puts its expertise at your service to help you develop the best possible product for your business and your clients. From the industrial design phase to engineering, through prototyping.

As a result of our collaborations, we have developed expertise in a variety of fields:

-  Electrical appliances
-  Medical
-  Agro-food
-  Childcare
-  Lighting
-  Automotive
-  Tooling
-  Plastics


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Picture : Ludovic Combe