Engineering: Vital post design phase – R&D



Once your product has been designed, it must be developed. As well as being a product design agency, i&D is above all an engineering R&D centre. Thanks to our dual expertise, we take your product through to the manufacturing stage. A real added bonus for our clients.

i&D has developed expertise in innovative connected objects, particularly in the medical sector, but also in the agro-food industries, lighting and automotive. Benefiting from many years engineering experience, i&D researches and develops your industrial or consumer products while taking into account their use, manufacturing processes, the security of components and materials…




Depending on your requirements, we can intervene during a specific stage of the project, or manage the entire product development.

For engineering, i&D offers:

-    Product specifications creation.
-    Technology and advanced technology solutions research (R&D).
-    3D modelling  (volume and surface).
-    Product design (parts and sub-assemblies), all processes (plastic injection, tooling, machining).
-    Research, planning and product parts file creation.
-    Functional prototypes creation and fine-tuning.
-    Patent registration in partnership with a consulting firm.

But also:

-    Functional ISO dimensioning, tolerance range.
-    Analysis of failure modes, their effects and criticality (FMEA).
-    Implementation and monitoring of laboratory testing to validate research and design work.
-    Kinematic simulation.
-    Reverse engineering.


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Picture : Ludovic Combe