i&D, specialist in industrial product design

Product design

  • Search for ideas and concepts
  • Product universe definition
  • 3D modeling
  • Realistic rendering
  • Definition of colors & materials
Engineering: Vital post design phase – R&D


  • Specifications realisation
  • R&D
  • Complex 3D modeling and numerical simulation
  • Realisation of study files, drawings and product nomenclatures
  • Launch and tests follow-up in external laboratories to validate work research and design
Production, a key element


  • Search for suppliers and components
  • Negociation of conditions and purchase price
  • Bills of materials realisation and production costs
  • Industrialisation of products and componants
  • Implementation of product quality specifications at suppliers
  • Stakeholder integration in projects confidentiality framework



INNOV18 by L'INNOVORE & EH18 - nov. 2018
Elmer Shower

Connectivity Trophy 2018
Trophée du Négoce 2018 - June 2018
Elmer - Aqua Plus

Comfort and patient safety award
Pharmapack Awards Paris - feb. 2018
OneJET - Biocorp

Innovation Awards
CES Las Vegas - jan. 2018
Connected shower - Elmer

Best babyphone - Silver
LBP AWARD Royaume-Uni - 2017
Camera zero emission- Babymoov

Best nursery innovation - Silver
LBP AWARD Royaume-Uni - 2017
Camera zero emission - Babymoov

Best kitchen appliance - Platinium
LBP AWARD Royaume-Uni - 2017
Nutribaby(+) - Babymoov

Best kitchen appliance under 150£ Platinium
LBP AWARD Royaume-Uni - 2017
Nutribaby(+) - Babymoov

Best connected health object
EHEALTH Castres - juillet 2017
Add-on for inhalateur - Biocorp

Best Customisation & User-friendliness Award
Pharmapack Awards Paris - février 2016
Add-on for insuline injector Easylog - Biocorp


Best nursery innovation - Silver
LBP AWARD Royaume-Uni - 2015
Camera zero emission - Babymoov

« Bébé dort » Awards
BABY PRODUCT AWARD Bruxelles - mars 2015
Camera zero emission - Babymoov

Best little nursery article
BABY PRODUCT AWARD Bruxelles - mars 2015
Aquanest - Babymoov

Innovation Awards
JPMA Las Vegas - sept. 2014
Camera zero emission - Babymoov

Innovation Awards 
KIND & JUNGEN Cologne - septembre 2014
Camera zero emission - Babymoov

Innovation Awards
KIND & JUNGEN Cologne - sept. 2014
Aquanest - Babymoov

Best babyphone - Gold
LBP AWARD Royaume-Uni - 2014
Touch Screen - Babymoov

Best technologic accessory - Gold
LBP AWARD Royaume-Uni - 2014
Touch Screen - Babymoov

Best nursery product in Belgique - Gold
Babyboom Produits de l’année Belgique
Babycamera zero emission - Babymoov

First laureate of business création
Trophée GCE Auvergne - juin 2012


Customers References


"In 2015, at the launch of our development of connected medical devices, I became acquainted with i&D through Alexandre Pereira. His company and his team are in his image: simplicity and competence at the service of his clients.
Our business has grown with that of i&D, today, more than a partner, it has become a full-fledged team at Biocorp. All its members have a common goal, to surpass themselves and take up the challenges that I can offer them.
In the interests of efficiency and continuous performance research, i&D has enabled us to carry out projects of international scope. Their expertise in product design, technical design and industrialization guarantees a complete product development. Moreover, they also know how to surround themselves with effective partners who have the same values.
Their desire to be ISO 9001 certified in 2017 also shows their understanding of the expectations of their customers. It is truly a pleasure to work with them, their creativity, responsiveness and availability allow us to respond precisely to customer needs on extremely short lead times. i&D combines the flexibility and agility of an SME and the rigor of a large group. "

  Alain MARCOZ - Connected Health R&D Director - Biocorp


"i&D was solicited with relatively tight specifications because part of the product was already designed, under rather technical lines and with no primary aesthetic vocation. i&D was able to listen to the need and open up the field of Creativity, by proposing several lines that complemented the original structure while proposing each one a form of message. One of them was selected for a successful first multibrand application, the other two still remain to this day A valuable alternative if we were to continue to develop diversity in our ranges. Availability, flexibility and technical constraints are key assets that the i&D team has brilliantly put at the service of our company.

    Renan LEVAILLANT - Developpment Director - BWT France


"The global vision is a key step at Babymoov Group. i&D understands our technical, usage and aesthetic needs in order to match our brand DNA as well as our product development approach. i&D in our projects, allowed me to have a perfect confidence in their work. Full ranges, strategic in our product references, have performed on the market thanks to the sense of detail and the technical involvement of the agency It is a real pleasure to work with such passionate people, and their taste for industrial perfection is an essential asset for us.

   Marie TOUGERON - Design Manager - Babymoov Group



i&D is certified ISO 9001 since July 2017.

i&D received the Innovation Tax Credit Approval by the French government until 2021.
When the conditions are met, an SME having incurred innovation or design expenses up to 400 000 Euros, may received a tax credit, namely a reduction in the cost of expenditure incurred in favor of innovation, by 20%.











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